The Danish prefabricated steel and wood house built in just 3 days

The Danish prefabricated steel and wood house - DK Constructions

Built in the lush green landscape of the Danish island of Fyn, the Villa Korup is a spectacular house designed for a family of six.

A collaboration between Danish architect Jan Henrik Jansen and Australian Marshall Blecher, Villa Korup, featuring three elongated “wings,” was pre-fabricated off-site using steel and CLT panels.

The project is unique in several respects . The house is one of the first private homes in Denmark to be built with CLT. Prefabrication allowed the architects to build the house in just three days, reducing construction time and leaving a minimal footprint on the landscape and wildlife. To add durability, the wood panels were traditionally treated with soap and bleach to give the siding a tough finish.

In addition to the CLT siding, the exterior of the house also has worn steel panels. This industrial material will change color over time, acquiring a patina that will gently camouflage the home in its incredible forest setting.

Added to this exceptional design is the unusual layout. Villa Korup spans three elongated wings to create enough space to meet the needs of a family of six. These three sections house the bedrooms and bathrooms, along with other private areas, such as an office. The layout also allows each wing to enjoy a series of small individual patios.

The main areas are where the wings converge. Inspired by Scandinavian design principles, the interior design is light and spacious. Minimal furniture and neutral colors were chosen to keep the spaces open and clutter-free. Throughout the design, fringes of glass, including sliding glass doors, open the interior living spaces to the outside, making nature one with Villa Korup.

Further information: Jan Henrik Jansen – Marshall Blecher


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